Xperimental LAB

︎Workshop Concept on Typography and experimental Layout 

Xperimental LAB invites young designers and those interested in design, to creative typographic and experimental form-finding workshops. The workshop concept includes the creation of posters and collages. Music and the visual examination of lyrics and sounds is the theme of the workshops. With the help of this work, the participants get to know new techniques and skills in design.
The workshops enable the further development of one‘s own creativity „blockades“ and help to find one‘s own „voice“.

A great emphasis is placed on the needs and thoughts of the participants in design processes. Working in a team promotes self and group motivation. The joy in the design process is the focus. An informal atmosphere and direct exchange and encourage mutual support this. Therefore, all workshops are held as „analogue“ events take place. The physical space offers participants an environment in which Appreciation, respect and consideration and the will to create something together is the focus. 

The results of the workshops were presented in an exhibition from 29. November – 3. December 2023 at HANS B, Hansastr. 6–10, 44137 Dortmund.

Bachelorproject, Concept & Organisation: Lisa Panitz
Artists: Ricardo Bode, Chantal Dübel, Victoria Hohage, Mariia Isangulova, Klara Jeltsch, Celine Kapoor, Leonie Kaulfuß, Emma Lünemann, Claudia Müller, Lisa Panitz, Katharina Sattler, Melissa Smajic, Kristin Snow

to all the artists who joined my workshops! It was always a fun time. Loved meeting new friends and hopefully i will have the chance to continue my work. ︎︎︎

to Dortmund Kreativ for the exhibition place!

I also want to thank the Girls + Boys who helped me making the Exhibition such a nice place
(Love you all!): Jonas Herfurth, Mariia Isangulova, Kristin Snow, Katharina Sattler, Emma Lünnemann ︎

Also a BIG Thanks to Prof. Lars Harmsen for all the support & inspiration over the years at Fachhochschule Dortmund. Without your motivation, the Project wouldn’t be as half as good. ︎

Workshops ︎

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