︎Concept, Art Direction & Final Design

June 2021
︎︎︎ Life plans could be roughly defined in early adulthood, the failure of the same always factored in - knowing full well that the social leadership mechanisms cushion life. Most of them only knew existential threats from movies. In March 2020 a new experience began for students and the rest of society - life can be unpredictable. All of a sudden, social interactions became a risk factor, financial guarantees uncertain and medium-term planning for the future became impossible.

Out of isolation, students in the design department began to reflect on their own and the social situation - the aim was to overcome the waiting hold in a collaborative, digital, visual discourse. Through the creative cooperation, the students were able to overcome the repetitive monotony of the lockdown together, express their fears, concerns and joys without violating the appropriate social solidarity.This free artistic exploration illustrates the various emotional stages in which we all found ourselves during the lockdows. They hold up a mirror to us, allow the viewer to contextualize what they have experienced and, in retrospect, smile at their own fears and behaviors.

We would like to thank all participants!

Open Call Organisation: Cihan Tamti, Lisa Panitz, Prof. Lars Harmsen

Concept & Design: Lisa Panitz & Mariia Isangulova
Design Support: Prof. Lars Harmsen 
Editorial Text: Prof. Dirk Gebhardt 


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