Magazine No. 7 
– Migration

︎ A Magazine by communication designers and photographers at FH Dortmund 

June 2020 ︎︎︎ The new Voltaire magazine "Migration" was created in the winter and summer semester 2019/20 through the intensive work of communication designers and photographers (credits at the end) at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund.

It contains photo series of current and past flight movements, reflections on new and old border regimes, as well as migration and integration of people around the world.

"The history of mankind begins with migration. Our forefathers left Africa as refugees for economic reasons. Our ancestors left Africa as economic refugees. In our western, Christian-influenced world, dramatic refugee stories have been preached from the pulpit for centuries. Even in recent times, flight and migration movements have shaped our cultures.

The French cathedral in berlin, the house numbers in Cologne or the most popular type of snack in Germany - Döner, have all been created by mi­grants. In the decade after the 2nd world war, 12 million people were integrated into Germany…"

With contributions from: Kevin Mcelvaney, Arwed Messmer, Helena Schätzle, Henk Wildschut, Felix Kleymann, Nikos Pilos, Alex John Beck, Salvatore Vitale, Josef Schultz, Ad van Denderen, Gerda Neumann, Maximilian Mann, Aliona Kardash, Nikita Teryoshin, Adriano Vannini, Alexa Vachon, Aleksandra Bardas and Julia Sellmann.

The magazine can be viewed online at www.voltairemagazine.com

Editorial Design: Lisa Panitz, Darius Tödtmann, Florian Gubernator, Scherwin Hosseini, Azziza el Yabadri, Leonie Lange, Orkun Cetinkaya, Joshua Kranefeld, Lukas Schneider, Fabienne Hartlange, Nicole Kwaczynska,

Photo Edit: Lea Franke, Ana Maria Sales Prado, Anna Rumeld, Maximilian Mann, Aleksandra Bardas, Katharina Kemme, Paula De Abrantes, Luise Jacobi, Fabian Ritter, Aliona Kardash, Vesela Stanoeva, Marcel Haupt 

Supervising lecturers: Prof. Dirk Gebhardt, Prof. Lars Harmsen

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