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December 2020 ︎︎︎ Support Independent Type is a book about the new culture of type specimens, their impact on design and typographic culture at large. It’s a manifesto for independent type foundries showcasing their work in an effort to promote freshly designed fonts, and why we should support them. An exhibit of over 400 of today’s most adventurous typography labels and designers, showcasing their physical and digital type specimens! The carefully selected collection gives a glimpse into the adventurous shift of this creative industry.

The authors believe that “independent type design reflects culture in its ambition to build an exciting alternative to the monolithic corporate font giants. In that spirit, we put together a collection of the most trendsetting, forward-thinking and provocative type specimens produced in the last decade.”

A manifesto for independent type foundries and a visual firework!

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Design: Marian Misiak, Lars Harmsen
Editor: Marian Misiak, Lars Harmsen
Content management, research support, art direction: Lisa Panitz
Research, editing support: Clara Weinreich
Production Management: Julia Kahl
Release: December 2020
Volume: 296 pages
Format in cm: (w × h × d) 21 × 28 cm
Language: English
Workmanship: wrapped poster – dust jacket, Softcover
Bookbinding: Thread stitching
ISBN: 978-3-948440-12-1

Text and Photos by Slanted Publishers

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