Slanted 38

︎Co-Edit & Art Direction

October 2021
︎︎︎ In the spring of 2021, Slanted Publishers launched a global call for submissions and showcases of color. From more than 1,300 submissions, the works of 300 designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, and artists from around the world were selected to be part of Slanted Magazine #38—Colours.

The issue celebrates happiness, joy of life, power, symbolism, and the meaning of color. We look for contrast, colorful typography, gradients, fun, chaos, shock. We celebrate art, illustration, fashion, photography—but most of all we look for strong, meaningful graphic design though in a colorful way.

Joan Miro said: “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.” Ultimately, Slanted Magazine #38—Colours is an ode to the joy and happiness of life with all its gradations of symbolism and meaningful implications. Color is more than just fashion. It is a statement for an entire era!

Beside the issue two very limited special editions have been published: A high quality sweater from Reell with a colorful design by Kris Andrew Small and a set of postcards printed with vivid colors by Herr & Frau Rio on a risograph.

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Release: October 2021
Volume: 288 pages
Format in cm (w × h × d) 16 × 24 × 2 cm
Language: English
Printing: 5 color offset printing, Stober
Cover: Algro Design®, 330 g/sm by Inapa
Paper: galaxi®keramik, 130 g/sm, Pop’Set lime tonic, citrus yellow, sky blue, sunshine yellow 120 g/sm by Inapa
Bookbinding: Swiss brochure, Thread stitching
ISSN 1867-6510

Text and Photos by Slanted Publishers

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