︎Visual Identity for the Exhibition COOLER MOVE! 

I had the pleasure to create the visual identity of the exhibition COOLER MOVE! at uzwei, Dortmunder U in Dortmund.

Cooler Move! – An exhibition about skating, sniffing, marking territory 🛹👃🏼🐶

Discover new ways to see the city with different eyes: overcome obstacles while running parkour and explore hidden corners with the Dachshund Club. Test your fingerboard skills, spray in virtual space or chill in the city oasis.

Everything here revolves around urban change and your own playful exploration of movement in the city, whether dirty or utopian.

The exhibition "Cooler Move!" is a playful journey through urban space and a love letter from uzwei in the Dortmunder U to movement in the city. Let yourself be inspired to actively participate in the city and help shape it – come along and get moving!

Cooler Move!//Exhibition
21.06.24 – 01.09.2024

Visual Identity ︎

COOLER MOVE Exhibition ︎︎︎

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